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Erak Giyim Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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Gümüşsuyu Cd. Fatih Şehitleri Sk. No:3/2 Topkapı-Maltepe-Zeytinburnu-İstanbul / Türkiye
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Established by Sait Akarlılar in 1984, ERAK soon became the leading jeans and non denim woven products manufacturer and one of the major exporters of jeans in Turkey under the leadership of its founder who had started his first ready to wear manufacturing businessin in 1960 when he was only 20. Over the years, such world famous brands as Calvin Klein ,Tommy Hilfiger,Gant,Rich and Royal, Bench,Fussl,Street One,Ted Baker,Burberry,Mexx,Hugo Boss,Pieszak, and Mavi Jeans have been among ERAK’s customers owing to ERAK’s acclaimed know-how and consistent use of cutting age technology. ERAK is a joint stock company with about 2200 employees,majority of whom are trade union affiliates. FACILITIES ERAK has its own production facility and an outsourcing operation with a combined annual capacity of 8 million garments, which are largely made of denim and to a lesser extent of canvas, corduroy and other fabrics. The 30.000 sqm factory in Çerkezköy sits on an area of 75.000 sqm. It is one of Turkey’s largets facilities specializing in the manufacture of ready to wear blue jeans. The factory, which strictly adheres to international manufacturing guidelines, has a monthly output of 400.000 garments on two-shifts per day basis. It is large enought to house all e.i cuttings,stitching, washing, finishing, quality control and packaging, as well as product development. Owing to the new techniques used and the emphasis given to product development, many shades of indigo which is called the living color and gives the blue jeans its unique character, are continuously created and combined with other colors in the washing process, for which ERAK is internationally noted in the sector The factory is also fully equipped for carrying out various special processes as demanded by the latest fashion trends. In the effluent treatment plant the factory’s wastewater is processed before being discharged into the public system. The cogenaration plant which runs on natural gas, produces electricity, steam and hot water that the factory uses for production. The facility in İstanbul hosts the corporate departments , as well as the functions needed for running an outsourcing operation with a monthly production capacity of about 500 thousand garments, inckluding jackets, dresses and skirts besides jeans. In both facilities, work flow, productivity and quality are closely monitored by a fully computerized system at every stage of the manufacturing process. A MANUFACTURER WITH A BRAND’S PERPECTIVE By creating in 1991 its own brand Mavi, which means blue in Turkish, ERAK has gained some vital experience and a unique competency, enabling it to view production from a brand’s perspective and ensuring that it values creativity, follows fashion trends and above all, consistently strives to achieve the best quality and service. Mavi jeans are now sold worldwide and Mavi business has been separeted from ERAK in 1994 and organized as a new company. A MANUFACTURER WITH SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY Always mindful of its obligations to the public and to its employees, ERAK operates in compliance with all the laws, regulations and standards applicable to its activities, including such universal social accountability principles as: • Respect for human dignity • Non-discrimination • Prohibition of child labor • Prohibition of forced labor • Observance of lawful working hours,rules for overtime and minimum legal wages • Respect for affiliation rights • Non-use restricted chemicals • Occupational health and safety • Environmental protection and safety ERAK’S INVESTMENT IN EGYPT In order to benefit from the special trade agreement between Egypt and US, CANADA enabling tariff free export to US of goods manufactured in the Qualified Industrial Zone’s (QIZ’s) and the lower manufacturing costs in ERAK established Akay LIC Private Free Zone in South Port Said in June 2006. 70% of AKAY LLC’s shares are owned by ERAK. The bluejean manufacturing factory erected at the site, has a sewing capacity of 2000 pieces per day. Its washing capacity is double that quantity. The factory is equipped with ozone treatment and lazer, machines and has its own liquid affluent treatment plant.
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